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Updated on 19th July 2019

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When you fill up any of our forms and agree to the terms and conditions, you agree to receive marketing messages from RetFree and our partners including but not limited to emails, text messages, phone call and messenger chats. You also agree to be contacted by our partner Financial Advisory Representatives for the coverage that you are interested in, and/ or to provide any financial advice if required. I also give consent to the staff of RetFree to contact me and collect feedback on the satisfaction and service levels provided by the Representative(s). 

We may change the terms and conditions from time to time without informing you. You are to comply with the updated terms and conditions at all time. And therefore you should check back regularly to make sure you are updated with the latest terms and conditions.

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9 Powerful Reasons to Upgrade Your Eldershield Today!

NO Cash Needed

Use Medisave to upgrade

Get $600 - $1,600

per month in disability allowance.

Lifetime Allowance

For as long as you live.

1 in 2 Will Be Disabled

It's like a flip of a coin. Don't take a gamble on this.

Watch how MOH arrives at this figure here.

Disability is Expensive

It costs an average of $2,150 per month¹

With inflation this amount balloons to a whopping $4,052 per month when you need it.

Not Covered by Shield Plan

Shield plan "shields" us from HUGE hospital bills.

Not long-term care expenses.

Easier to Claim

Easy definition: Cannot perform daily living activities.

Difficult definition: Have to be blind or lose your limbs.


Afford the Best Care

Use additional payout for therapies and more advanced technology to help you recover.

Depend On Yourself

Receive allowance to pay for long-term care.

Don't need to burden our spouse and children.

"YES! I'd Like To Upgrade My Eldershield And Claim My Free Bonus (Worth $170)

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