Eldershield Upgrade:

Get The BEST Disability Coverage With $0 Cash Payment

Lesser Burden • Better Care • Happier lives
» Medisave Approved

Why Upgrade Your Eldershield?


No Cash Needed - pay with medisave


Premium is Fixed at $40+ a month - This is such a huge advantage. Every other plan such as careshield life or shield life has increasing premium that is not fixed. (they also have the right to increase the price whenever they see fit)


Easiest to Claim


Get up to 400% Increase in Cash Allowance


Lifetime Coverage


Higher payout option - Get monthly allowance up to $5,000 per month (have to top-up with cash)

1,352 Upgrades Completed and Counting…

I was really confused with all the different schemes. Especially when there are changes every now and then.

When I spoke to Peter he answered all my questions professionally. Peter really knows his stuff.

If you are confused and need professional guidance, look for Peter! He will know how to help you.

Sim leung li


I understood the importance of upgrading Eldershield since both my parents are disabled. I just needed this to be done quickly.

Tim was really efficient. We done everything within 10 mins. Recommended!

Sharon Kong

Senior Accountant

I never thought about this until my best friend was suddenly diagnosed with a neurological disease and became disabled. Life is very unpredictable. Anyway I recommend Carie. Very fast and quick and accommodating advisor. Thanks!

Abdul Hakim

Real Estate Agent

Thank you for helping me with the claim. Now i can use the extra money every month for my expenses. Thank you so much!

Chua Leng Ching

(Translated from Mandarin)

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Q: How exactly does Eldershield upgrade work?

A: It works exactly the same as your basic Eldershield, that is to provide a monthly allowance when someone becomes disabled. 

The only difference is that you get more money for life as compared to only $400 per month for 6 years.

Q: Can I afford the premium?

A: Everybody has a different situation. Speak to a licensed Eldershield specialist to find out.

But here’s a general rule of thumb:

  1. If you are working and contributing to Medisave, you can afford it.

  2. If you are not working but have 15k in Medisave, your interest from CPF is enough to cover the premium. You can afford it.

  3. If you are not working and don’t have 15k in Medisave, see if there’s any family members who can help you pay the premium. (premium is under $600 per year) You can also split the payment between several family members.

Q: I heard that it’s difficult to claim… Right?

A: The system is fair. If you cannot perform daily living activities, you may start receiving the payout once you are being certified by a doctor.

And keep it mind that 50% of Singaporeans are expected to become disabled.

Q: Why can’t I just upgrade with my own insurance agent?

A: Sure you can! Make sure he/ she is from either Aviva, Great Eastern or Income. Only these 3 companies are licensed by MOH to upgrade Eldershield.

If you want to get the best quote among the 3 companies and redeem $130 worth of vouchers, feel free to get a quote through us.

Q: Why do I need Eldershield upgrade?

A: Because $400 per month is inadequate today, what more 20 years later? 

Besides, you can make use of your Medisave money (which is designed for such uses) to get cash allowance when you need it.

And most importantly, the chances of claiming from Eldershield is super high!

Q: Should I reserve my Medisave for other uses?

A: It depends if you have a shield plan that covers 95~100% of your hospitalization bills. If not I would suggest you to get your shield plan first.

Because if you ever incur high hospitalization bills, you’ll need a shield plan to take care of it.

After you sort that out, upgrade your Eldershield.

(you may also get your shield plan from our Shield plan Specialist)

Q: I opted out of Eldershield, can I still upgrade?

A: Yes. You can opt back in and upgrade your Eldershield.

Q: I don’t know if I should upgrade Eldershield or switch to Careshield life?

A: It depends if you prefer stability or not.

Because Eldershield upgrade premium is fixed forever.

While for Careshield life, the premium increases every year and there’s no guarantee that it will increase at the same rate. (A sharp rise in medical fees may affect the careshield premium)

A good analogy would be our HDB interest rate vs Bank interest rate.
One is fixed, and the other is floating. There’s no right or wrong. You decide.

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