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Financial planning Singapore

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Check my expected retirement age

Find a Qualified Financial Planner With Us

and design the path to your dream retirement

Ask Questions for Free

Start by asking a question online related to financial planning. It could be anything about investments, insurance, savings plans, retirement planning, or even wills and trusts.

Get Answers

You’ll receive a detailed response from a financial planner based on the options you’ve chosen. After which you may choose to follow up, connect with the adviser, or end the enquiry.

Connect when you are ready

Once you feel comfortable with a financial planner, connect with him or her to schedule a consultation. A thorough discovery session is highly recommended for a comprehensive financial plan.

Meet The Providers

insurance and retirement planning companies

Our agents work with these insurance providers and more.

Why Plan With Us?

Highly Qualified Financial Planners

We manually screen through every single financial planner to ensure that they are licensed, experienced, and trustworthy. This means that we’ll perform background checks, inspect their work, and check for reviews.


A Sharp Eye to Spot Gaps in Your Financial Plan

If you already have a financial plan and wish to have a review or a second opinion, let our experts have a look. They’ll run through a free audit and give you advise to strengthen your financial plan.

comparing between 2 retirement plans

Compare Insurance For You

Most people compare insurance based on the coverage or the price point. But they miss out on the most important factor, their situation and their needs! A Trained financial planner will be able to diagnose your situation properly and recommend the most suitable solution.

design a tailor made retirement plan

Get a Tailor Made Financial Plan

Everyone has a different background, priority, budget and goal. What you need is not general advice. But a personalized financial blueprint that covers your short-term needs and long-term goals.


retirement information is secured

Your Personal Data is Safe

We will never sell or disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent. We follow the PDPA law in Singapore very closely.

no spam call to buy retirement plans

No spam. Non-salesy. No obligations.

Our financial planners will not spam call you or use salesy techniques to get you to buy something you don’t need. Instead, we believe in providing value so you can make an informed decision.

Request For a Free Financial Planning Consultation

We Work For The Insurer You

Our mission at RetFree is simple. We want to help 1 million people to retire free.

That means you’ll be able to know exactly when you can afford to stop working, maintain your standard of living, enjoy life, and not have to worry about living & medical expenses.

If you want to learn or do it yourself, we have articles, guides and resources to help you.

But if you prefer a financial expert to plan for you and your family, we have partnered up with top financial planners in Singapore to work with you. They are manually selected by our team, carefully vetted through, to make sure that they are certified, experienced, and trustworthy.

Instead of only one insurance company, you’ll be able to select professional financial planners across all insurance companies in Singapore.

Think of us like the Uber (or Grab) for financial planning.

Simply select the options you like, and we’ll match you to the most suitable financial planner.

Start Financial Planning Today

Start early. Pay Lesser. Get Higher Returns.

Amazing. Isn’t it?

If you start planning early, you’ll pay lesser every month AND over the long run. While getting higher returns.

That’s the power of compound interest.

It’s like a snowball. Rolling down the hill, picking up more mass and speed as it goes.

Would you want this for your money? (growing in mass without you lifting a finger)


I understood this concept long ago. It made so much sense. But still, I did not plan early.


Because I was afraid.

I was afraid of showing my poor saving & spending habits to other people.

I was afraid to reveal my low income to financial planners.

I was afraid that I’ll be pushed to spend higher than I intended and feel uncomfortable.

I was afraid to be locked into a lousy plan for 25 years without a chance to cancel.

So many fears….

I procrastinated. Got busy. And forgot about it.

And because of this, I’ve lost potential monies, and have to stretch & save doubly hard to “catch up”.

So if you have anything holding you back, I want to encourage you today to take action.

Do it for your loved ones & your future self.

Our financial planners will not judge you or force you to buy something you don’t need. Everything will be conducted in a professional manner.

Start by ask a free question today ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Use Medisave to upgrade

Get $600 - $1,600

per month in disability allowance.

Lifetime Allowance

For as long as you live.

1 in 2 Will Be Disabled

It's like a flip of a coin. Don't take a gamble on this.

Watch how MOH arrives at this figure here.

Disability is Expensive

It costs an average of $2,150 per monthยน

With inflation this amount balloons to a whopping $4,052 per month when you need it.

Not Covered by Shield Plan

Shield plan "shields" us from HUGE hospital bills.

Not long-term care expenses.

Easier to Claim

Easy definition: Cannot perform daily living activities.

Difficult definition: Have to be blind or lose your limbs.


Afford the Best Care

Use additional payout for therapies and more advanced technology to help you recover.

Depend On Yourself

Receive allowance to pay for long-term care.

Don't need to burden our spouse and children.

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